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Why is Personal Growth Important For Your Career

Are you happy with where you are in your life? Are you happy with your job? If you answered no to both of those questions I can tell you why and I can tell you how to fix both problems.

Let me explain what I mean, what most people don’t realize is that personal growth can heavily impact your career.

And if you are not growing personally, then it is likely that your career will suffer as a result.

OK so how do the two tie together? Well, let me show you with an example or two.

Let’s say a position has come up in your company that you really want, and it requires you to have a college degree and you don’t have one. You will probably not get that job. You haven’t been on a path of personal growth, thus affecting your career in a negative way.

Another example, you go to the company picnic and run into the president of the division you work for. He/she is talking with you asking about what you do for fun or what interests you have, but you really don’t have much to talk about as you just aren’t very motivated these days.

The president of your division walks away from you and forgets all about the conversation he/she just had with you because you did not leave a lasting impression.

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One final example, you have applied for a position, and it is down to you and one other person. You feel like you have pretty good shot, you get to work on time, most of the time, you don’t leave until 5 o’clock on the dot, you don’t clutter up your life with outside commitments, and you never mix business with pleasure.

What you don’t know it that the other candidate gets to work 10 min. early to make sure she is really ready to begin her day, she always stays a bit after to make sure everything is wrapped up for the day and that everything is ready for tomorrow.

The other candidate runs a few times a week, takes a class in the business field and goes out with the people from the office, and everyone knows that she is nice, reliable, and a good worker.

The other candidate got the job, because the secretary of the person doing the hiring knows her and told the boss she was taking a class to improve her skills and knowledge of the business, and because the person doing the hiring sees her come into work early, and sometimes sees her leave late.

I hope these three examples show you why self improvement is so very important for your career. One completely ties to the other one and if you are stuck in a rut in your life, you are not motivated nor are you interested in growing your career.

So, like I said at the beginning, if you want to be happy with your job, you need to be happy with your life, and the best way to be happy in life it to strive for personal growth, allowing you to create momentum which will carry over into your career.

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